George T. Stagg Bourbon

George T. Stagg Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey at a Liquor Store in Myrtle Beach

The period from 1865 – 1890 was known as the Gilded Age of Bourbon. Industry and innovation combined to produce stunning advances in quality and production. During this period, two noted distillers, E.H. Taylor, Jr. and George T. Stagg, partnered to build one of the world’s premier distilleries that would survive through economic cycles of boom and bust, and through floods, fires, and droughts!

On the banks of the Kentucky River, Taylor built the grandest distillery the world had yet seen, utilizing state-of-the-art technology that was clearly the first and only one of its kind. Stagg supplied the financial acumen and knowledge of fine whiskies that helped build the company into one of the world’s leading whiskey producers. As a bourbon expert proclaimed in 1890, the distillery is “ne plus ultra of its class,” “the best of the best.”  Nearest Liquor Store.

The George T. Stagg Distillery continued in operation up to and through Prohibition, one of only four such distilleries to remain open during that period, and the only one to survive to the present day. Now known as Buffalo Trace Distillery, our Master Distillers and Aging Warehouse Managers have combined their extensive whiskey making experience to present this magnificent, aged bourbon that George T. Stagg himself would have been proud to call his own.  Discount Liquor Store Near Me.  Wine & Spirits.

Uncut and unfiltered, and of an age and quality that only more than two centuries of experience can bring, Buffalo Trace Distillery offers this bourbon as a testament to quality, tradition, and innovation, and to the struggle to preserve and prosper where most others have failed, which is what George T. Stagg and his namesake bourbon are all about. We can think of no better tribute.  Liquor Store Kings Highway.

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